How Three Sixty Sales takes care of your business


Target loves your amazing product. Their buyers approved it and now it’s headed for national or multinational distribution. As we mentioned in the previous post, an initial purchase from Target is often many thousands of units. While this is an exciting time, you need to have the right planning and preparations in place.


When you sign on with Target, you’re part of their team. A store-level sale for them is also a sale for you. Because of this, you’ll be expected to work with them on their category management strategies. This will sometimes mean adapting your product to the category needs of Target in order to increase sales for everyone involved. It’s nothing to fret over, but know that after the initial euphoria of the sales agreement wears off there will be a constant stream of work ahead for you, often involving Target’s goals and initiatives.


This is one of many advantages of partnering with a qualified manufacturer’s representative. A Target sales rep’s job doesn’t end when get you the sale. They continue to work with you as a valued partner, often acting as the primary point of contact between you and the buyer. They maintain both sides of the relationship, and should it be necessary, will even act as a mediator in conflict resolution.


But manufacturer’s reps like Three Sixty Sales aren’t simply liaisons between you and Target. We offer a complete and extensive scope of services throughout the length of your contract including:


  • Competitive Evaluations – We know our product categories and we know your competition. This means we know what you need to do to to be competitive in your niche of the marketplace. Additionally, we complete and assess competitive assortment reviews at other major retailers, helping you get the most out of your product placement.


  • Strength and Opportunity Assessment – Our reps will identify the strengths and opportunities of your current product assortment based on trends, statistics and user feedback.


  • Strategic Retail Space Planning – Take control of the retail space with Target planogram access, inventory management tools and showroom space close to Target.


  • Tradeshows – Remember those shows we told you to attend in the previous article? We’ll help you design, prepare and present your product to buyers.


  • Inventory Management Strategy – By developing an inventory strategy early on, then using state-of-the-art software to monitor and adjust as needed, we’ll minimize your chargebacks and keep a balanced inventory.


  • Sales Data Analysis – With powerful analytics tools and experienced account reps that can decipher the crucial sales numbers, our clients can count on solid data analysis to help dictate business practices.


  • Marketing and Retail Packaging – While we help with your marketing and packaging strategies from the beginning, times change, Target changes, and you’ll need to change. Three Sixty Sales helps clients adapt to the fluctuating marketplace.


Once your product is signed on at Target, there’s a long, exhilarating road ahead. Our team has many years of retail experience and have forged countless relationships with buyers and clients. We’re here to help you manage your product lines while navigating these retail partnerships.