Three Sixty Sales is proud to announce the first revision of our website!


Three Sixty Sales, an established manufacturer’s sales representative in downtown Minneapolis, has continually been a thought leader in the Target representative community. When our first site was launched, it was a necessary modernization that allowed our business to grow with the times. It was innovative, changing the digital landscape of Minneapolis representatives, as other firms began making websites of their own. While our website has always highlighted our vision and competence as a company, times change.


Three Sixty Sales is an agile firm— we have to be in order keep up with the changes in technology, business procedures and market trends. It’s our job to perceive and adapt to contemporary standards in order to meet the expectations of the consumer. We do it for our clients and we do it for ourselves. To honor this commitment, we built a new website with an attractive, intuitive interface and easy to navigate flow. Our web presence speaks to the quality of the Three Sixty Sales brand and the pride we take in our business.


We also put in the work to ensure a smart redesign. Our website is responsive and adjusts to the size of your screen, whether you’re on a phone or a desktop computer. We wanted it to be a reflection of our adaptability, as well as our professionalism and expertise.


We hope you like it.