Manufacturer Reps Sell Your Product

This month, John Haskell writes,


The major product that independent sales representatives sell is selling. Remember agents are professional salespeople. They spend 100 percent of their time and effort selling products manufactured by their principals.


Manufacturer representatives can greatly help your business with their professional sales expertise. This applies to selling in Target or otherwise. We want to be clear though, manufacturer representatives offer more than simply increased sales.

Manufacturer Representative Training

We come back to this topic every now and again because of it’s importance. Jack Foster wrote a piece at ASM talking about ways manufacturers can aid their reps.


When one manufacturer asked some of his non-competitive peers what they did to keep their independent manufacturers’ representatives informed and motivated one of them was quick to offer several suggestions she found to be especially worthwhile. Among the tips she offered were these:

…Training — Time and again agents have communicated their desire to have access to product knowledge and applications as aids in performing their jobs. Remember they already know how to sell;


The better informed about the ins and outs of your product a manufacturer representative is, the better we’ll be able to sell it. And that doesn’t mean just getting it on Target’s shelves. It means reaching the end-customer in a more impactful way to increase sales across all channels.

Manufacturer Representative Compatibility

Another Factor to Consider when Choosing Your Rep

Back in July of 2014, posted an article about choosing the right manufacturer representative, which contained a piece about representative compatibility, an important aspect when choosing a manufacturer representative.

While hiring someone simply because you both get along well is definitely not a good idea, you should hire a manufacturer’s rep that you’re compatible with. Since much of the rep’s work will be done out of the office and you will not be able to monitor their performance, you have to be sure that you can still effectively communicate with the rep. For example, if you tend to communicate via email you’ll want to choose a manufacturer’s rep that can effectively communicate through the written word. Or, if you are very detail-oriented, you’ll want to make sure that the rep you hire is equally focused on the nitty-gritty. Otherwise, you’ll find it hard to see eye-to-eye.

– Kate DiGiacomo, Business Opportunities 2014


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