About Us

Three Sixty Sales was created on the simple idea that every manufacturer deserves to be a top priority and receive the best service and support. We are a nimble boutique firm with more than 185 combined years of retail experience and have pioneered more than $200 million in new business at Target. Our manufacturer representative team has proven we can successfully navigate the retail industry on behalf of our clients. But we bring more than relationships and process – our true expertise is a full-service, responsive and strategic relationship with our clients.


Our headquarters are a few short steps from Target’s corporate headquarters in downtown Minneapolis, making it easy for our team to maintain close relationships with the Target team. We have what it takes to manage big brands at major retailers as well as help develop and pioneer tomorrow’s new brands.


Our skilled team is here to get to know your company, your products and your goals. Once we do, we provide full-service support, including market and trend analysis, inventory management, weekly POS reports and other insights to make our clients successful.


We strive for long-term, strategic relationships that will maximize our client’s performance over time. Our specialty is elevating our clients from good to great. We do this by leveraging relationships with Target and applying our strategic marketing expertise to your business plan. If you are looking for a manufacturer representative to fuel your success, contact us to learn more about our accomplishments and how we can help you reach your goals.


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