Manufacturers after a Sales Deal

What’s Next for Manufacturers After a Sales Deal

How Three Sixty Sales takes care of your business


Target loves your amazing product. Their buyers approved it and now it’s headed for national or multinational distribution. As we mentioned in the previous post, an initial purchase from Target is often many thousands of units. While this is an exciting time, you need to have the right planning and preparations in place.

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Three Sixty Sales - Target Manufacturer’s Rep

Three Sixty Sales Website Redesign

Three Sixty Sales is proud to announce the first revision of our website!


Three Sixty Sales, an established manufacturer’s sales representative in downtown Minneapolis, has continually been a thought leader in the Target representative community. When our first site was launched, it was a necessary modernization that allowed our business to grow with the times. It was innovative, changing the digital landscape of Minneapolis representatives, as other firms began making websites of their own. While our website has always highlighted our vision and competence as a company, times change.

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