Why Every Sales Meeting is an Investment that Benefits Everyone

For a manufacturer representative, making sales involves so much more. It really is about benefiting the most people at any time to make and maintain positive relationships.


…Most successful [sales reps] don’t spend any time selling, they invest time selling.

When I make that distinction, I’m not trying to be cute. I am absolutely deadly serious. What happens if representatives who spend time selling make a sale? Once that sale is made and the commission is received, the representatives are right back where they started, with nothing more to show for their efforts than a single commission payment.

When representatives invest their time selling one of their principal’s lines, they look at a much bigger picture than just the commission on a single sale, things like these:

▪ How will this sale build our relationship with this principal?

▪ How will this sale enhance our relationship with this customer?

▪ How will our strategy for this principal and this customer affect the other principals on our line card and other customers in our territory?


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