A few helpful tips for manufacturers seeking Target as a means to international distribution and sales


You have an awesome product. It’s something people across the country need to have in their homes right now. But how do you get it there? You can sell independently from a website or through established online retailers. We know that many great products start this way. Others begin with QVC or similar outlets. But one of the most sought-after methods of distribution is selling a product through one of America’s largest retailers.

With over 1,700 stores in the U.S. and more internationally, Target alone is a gold-standard customer that offers a huge boost for any company or manufacturer. An initial purchase from them can be in the tens of thousands of units, enough to take a small company to the big leagues.


But it takes work to get noticed and accepted by Target’s buyers. You need to know the types of criteria Target looks for, the financial process, expected timelines and more. At Three Sixty Sales, we want you to get your product into Target stores. We’re truly passionate about helping manufacturers achieve their goals. Because of this, we have a few tips for manufacturers beginning their quest to be sold in Target and beyond.


  • Attend Tradeshows – Displaying your products in tradeshows can be essential. Target’s buyers are required to attend these events, especially the biggest ones. There are even some that are specifically intended to link buyers with manufacturers, and while these can cost more, there’s a greater chance for payoff.


  • Invest in Marketing and Publicity – Publicity isn’t just for the sake of the consumer. It also makes you interesting to potential retail buyers. This includes getting into industry publications. Reading these publications is part of a buyer’s job. A well-written article about you and your product may catch a buyer’s eye.


  • Maintain a Web Presence – Buyers will spend time looking online for products. If you rank high in Google and other search results, have good blog reviews and have an attractive website, there is a higher possibility that Target buyers will be interested in your product.


  • Partner with a Manufacturer’s Rep – Partnering with a sales rep from a qualified manufacturer’s representative firm is one of the most crucial ways to getting sold in Target. We’re not just saying that. Beyond all the other services listed elsewhere on this site, firms like Three Sixty Sales work constantly with Target, which means our endorsement of your product can be enough to close a deal.


There are many other ways that manufacturers need to prepare and strategize before being sold in Target. If you don’t have someone who knows the path, it’s easy to get lost. Perhaps you haven’t made the most marketable decisions in your product design. Or maybe you haven’t invested enough in brand and marketing materials. There are times that a buyer may like a product but require packaging changes before they’ll accept it for retail sales. Headaches can be avoided by getting in touch with a Target manufacturer’s representative early on in the process.


So how do you get your product sold at Target? You call us. But we don’t simply get Target to sign on with your product. That’s just when the fun begins…