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Considerations When Hiring Manufacturer Representatives

For businesses that have only ever known an inside sales force, making the leap to an Independent Manufacturer Representative can seem daunting. But why shouldn’t you outsource your sales force? You are likely already outsourcing legal or accounting work. You may even be outsourcing bookkeeping or human resources or any number of vital elements of your business.

The reasons to outsource your sales force are the same for outsourcing anything else. It’s cost-effective. It allows you to leverage a level of expertise than can be cost-prohibitive in house. Manufacturer Representatives aren’t simply experts on your product. They are experts on their market area and chain retailers. And while an employee may move away for money, or expect regular raises, there’s no concern over that here. An independent rep has no similar cause to leave its territory that it invested heavily in for years. Similarly, with agreements in place, a rep will only ever take a percentage of commission.

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Manufacturer Reps Make It All Work

The professional, powerful calls from a great manufacturer representative can make all the difference in your business. It’s the touch needed to make the business thrive. In a recent article over at ASM Online, Charles Cohon writes,


What can manufacturers and manufacturers’ representatives learn from the example of Death Valley?

An otherwise well-run manufacturing firm can be just like Death Valley. If all of the elements of a thriving ecosystem exist except one, nothing blooms. It is not a coincidence that the most successful manufacturers’ representatives are called rainmakers.

When professionally executed sales calls, like the rain, are added to the mix, a commercial ecosystem can thrive.


And if you have a great team like Three Sixty Sales, you know your Target sales are in good hands.

Manufacturer Representative Training

We come back to this topic every now and again because of it’s importance. Jack Foster wrote a piece at ASM talking about ways manufacturers can aid their reps.


When one manufacturer asked some of his non-competitive peers what they did to keep their independent manufacturers’ representatives informed and motivated one of them was quick to offer several suggestions she found to be especially worthwhile. Among the tips she offered were these:

…Training — Time and again agents have communicated their desire to have access to product knowledge and applications as aids in performing their jobs. Remember they already know how to sell;


The better informed about the ins and outs of your product a manufacturer representative is, the better we’ll be able to sell it. And that doesn’t mean just getting it on Target’s shelves. It means reaching the end-customer in a more impactful way to increase sales across all channels.

Manufacturer Representative Compatibility

Another Factor to Consider when Choosing Your Rep

Back in July of 2014, posted an article about choosing the right manufacturer representative, which contained a piece about representative compatibility, an important aspect when choosing a manufacturer representative.

While hiring someone simply because you both get along well is definitely not a good idea, you should hire a manufacturer’s rep that you’re compatible with. Since much of the rep’s work will be done out of the office and you will not be able to monitor their performance, you have to be sure that you can still effectively communicate with the rep. For example, if you tend to communicate via email you’ll want to choose a manufacturer’s rep that can effectively communicate through the written word. Or, if you are very detail-oriented, you’ll want to make sure that the rep you hire is equally focused on the nitty-gritty. Otherwise, you’ll find it hard to see eye-to-eye.

– Kate DiGiacomo, Business Opportunities 2014


Three Sixty Sales is a boutique Target manufacturer’s rep and values the close relationships it has with its vendor clients. Get in touch to see how we can work for you.

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How a Manufacturer Representative can Increase Sales and Reduce Costs

Achieving a Better Bottom Line by Outsourcing Manufacturing Sales

One of the most important functions leaders across corporate America perform is increasing profits and building shareholder equity. And two of the most effective methods for reaching these goals is to increase sales and decrease company costs.

For manufacturers, outsourcing is a normal method for reducing costs and increasing sales, while allowing the ability to maintain focus on their core competencies. While it may be most common for companies to outsource security, technology, marketing or legal departments, outsourcing the sales function is equally effective to achieving those reduced costs and increased sales goals. Because manufacturer representatives handle so much more than direct sales calls, this process can be more complex than outsourcing some other services. But once understood and running smoothly, a representative will allow manufacturers to focus on their core business: manufacturing and perfecting their product.

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How to Get Your Product Sold in Target

How to Get Your Product Sold in Target

A few helpful tips for manufacturers seeking Target as a means to international distribution and sales


You have an awesome product. It’s something people across the country need to have in their homes right now. But how do you get it there? You can sell independently from a website or through established online retailers. We know that many great products start this way. Others begin with QVC or similar outlets. But one of the most sought-after methods of distribution is selling a product through one of America’s largest retailers.

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Manufacturers after a Sales Deal

What’s Next for Manufacturers After a Sales Deal

How Three Sixty Sales takes care of your business


Target loves your amazing product. Their buyers approved it and now it’s headed for national or multinational distribution. As we mentioned in the previous post, an initial purchase from Target is often many thousands of units. While this is an exciting time, you need to have the right planning and preparations in place.

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Three Sixty Sales - Target Manufacturer’s Rep

Three Sixty Sales Website Redesign

Three Sixty Sales is proud to announce the first revision of our website!


Three Sixty Sales, an established manufacturer’s sales representative in downtown Minneapolis, has continually been a thought leader in the Target representative community. When our first site was launched, it was a necessary modernization that allowed our business to grow with the times. It was innovative, changing the digital landscape of Minneapolis representatives, as other firms began making websites of their own. While our website has always highlighted our vision and competence as a company, times change.

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