Why we continually examine our lines to ensure synergy

John Haskell, in Agency Sales online magazine, asks manufacturer representatives to examine their lines and portfolios.


Whom do you represent? Why? How do the lines fit together into an explainable portfolio of lines?

The explanation of your portfolio is a major issue for you to consider with your sales team. Do the lines you represent make sense as a multiple-line package of products that your customers understand and appreciate?

This question is key to your firm’s ability to leverage the package of lines you have been able to acquire for sale in your territory. It does not make sense to represent lines that do not benefit from being a synergistic part of your package.

This is good advice for us as manufacturer representatives. Synergy in our product lines don’t just benefit ourselves. It dramatically impacts what can be sold when and where, ultimately affecting both our customers and vendor partners. Three Sixty Sales doesn’t work with anyone that knocks on our door. Lines are screened for many things, not least of which is the ways those lines fit with our portfolio.