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Here is another article that shows that it doesn’t matter the industry you are a part of— a manufacturer representative should be an essential part of your business strategy.

…What kind of impact do companies like Yorston’s have on the image of representatives? A very positive impact, says Sales Manager-Sign Products Joe Walsh of Orange, Connecticut-based Voltarc. “I will say that manufacturers’ representatives’ professionalism has increased dramatically over the years. So when I meet a manufacturers’ representative who knows every sign company in a six- to eight-state area, the ins and outs of what they are working on, and their typical customers, I know that’s a professional. And I know that I’m unlikely to find a new hire as a direct employee who could match that expertise.”

Later in the article, Jim Perritt, North America Sales Manager, Product Assembly Adhesives, of Uniontown, Ohio-based Lord Corporation says,

“If we move into another market we will absolutely look for manufacturers’ representatives in that market. I really believe in taking our products to market with manufacturers’ representatives.”

Charles Cohon, Agency Sales Online Magazine : April 2015