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Our vendor partners have access to our cross-functional team of Target retail experts committed to delivering the highest level of service to the manufacturers we represent. We are selective in our partnerships, which allows our team the ability to focus the time and resources necessary to deliver results.

Reach Your Goals

As a liaison between our vendors and Target, we are trained to look for long-term, profitable solutions – not simply what works right now. We are Target Reps with a proven track record of success.

For Manufacturers With A Vision

Target Manufacturer Representative

At Three Sixty Sales, we have the forethought to craft plans that ensure a product’s growth and success. We have the insight to actively respond to market trends that affect the bottom line. We have the intelligence to provide our clients with actionable data. We have the dedication and experience to take your business to the next level.

Insights And Business Analysis

Planning And Forecasting

Trend And Market Analysis

Sales And Marketing

Happy Customers

"Working with 360 Sales Inc. has exceeded all my expectations …Their strengths are relationships and rapport, service and support and a tremendous sense of urgency. Our business has increased, based in part, on the confidence the retailer has that 360 Sales will deliver as promised. Not only can they perform the mechanics of the job, they do so with a great style and a smile!"

Children's Apparel Company

What a fantastic team! They are reliable, accurate, respected by the buyers – overall a fantastic partner!

Housewares Company

"We've been working with Three Sixty for over 4 years now, and they truly act as an in house sales and marketing department for our Target business. Through their strong connections, and passion for helping us grow, they've been instrumental in managing both our in store, as well as .com business. I would recommend them without hesitation to any organization looking to improve their relations with Target."

Juvenile Products Company

I have been in the consumer products business for 30 plus years. Over that time I have worked with numerous representatives but never have I worked with a better organization than Three Sixty Sales. They know their customers as well as anyone could and provide extraordinary insight into how a supplier can enter, and maintain, a mutually profitable relationship with them. We are proud to be associated with such a fine organization!!

Sporting Goods Company

Three Sixty has blown away my expectations from when we started together two years ago. Their whole team manages each account with thorough organization and communication that makes every step of the sale and fulfillment as smooth as it can be. If I could replicate their service in other territories and accounts, my life would be a breeze!

Food and Beverage Vendor

Three Sixty Sales is among the most professional and effective broker groups in the Country. All aspects of a business dealing are thought through and precise. The communication, follow-up and results have been impressive.

Food and Beverage Vendor

Three Sixty Sales is one of our best national account teams. Brent is a strategist who knows how to filter a presentation and customize it for Target while maximizing impact for the manufacturer.

Baby Vendor

Three Sixty Sales is a best in class sales agency. Their expertise in the day to day management has led to significant sales growth. Most importantly they took the time to truly understand our brand.

Stationery Vendor

The folks at Three Sixty Sales are professionals. They will fight hard for the listing but also manage the processes, relationship and back-end. Highly recommended!

Toy Vendor

Understanding the inner workings of Target especially for a private label program is incredibly challenging for even the most seasoned of companies. Three Sixty Sales brings with them experience, dedication, a relentless work ethic and a strategic approach that puts them in a different league than any other rep group I have encountered or worked with. We owe the success of our Target business to their entire team and look forward to continued success with them for many years to come.

Home Décor Vendor

If I could replicate Three Sixty Sales across all of our retail partners our business would be in a different league. No one executes strategy and understands the inner workings of their accounts like the team at Three Sixty Sales.

Toy Vendor

I didn’t think any group of people could be as dedicated to our business as much as we are until we started working with Three Sixty Sales. Everyone on their team is constantly working to take our business to new heights despite the everyday challenges of growing a nascent business with a complex retailer like Target.

Home Décor Vendor

Working with Three Sixty Sales has redefined the word “representation." We are one team and work hard to reach our goals. In just a short year and half I am amazed at what they were able to accomplish by working hard and understanding the needs of both their retail and vendor partners.

Housewares Company

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We offer complete 360 degrees of support for vendors seeking product placement at Target Stores. We are an extension of your team that speaks Target’s language. We exist to serve and add value to your vendor-partner relationship and grow your business! We are Target experts!


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